Safe - Robust - Resistant - User friendly - Maintenance free - Lightweight - Noiseless

Plastic v Metal

Advantages & safety aspects

Expert evaluation of double-walled plastic lids, type DuraFlex 

DuraFlex lids are up to 4 times lighter than metal lids, thereby considerably reducing the risk of accidents to waste operatives and members of the public.


The lightweight construction of DuraFlex lids, made from high-grade UV-stabilised polyethylene, gives the same stability as heavier metal lids.


The customised shape of the lid in relation to the profile of the container results in a significant level of noise reduction.


A high degree of flexibility, adaptability to everyday use and impact resistance characterizes DuraFlex lids.


DuraFlex lids are impervious to water and climatic influences. They are maintenance-free and fundamentally easier to replace when damaged.


The widespread introduction of DuraFlex lids has contributed greatly to making the collection of solid waste a safer working environment.


The use of DuraFlex lids has eliminated serious, and in extreme cases even fatal accidents caused by the failure of welds and springs.


Rotationally moulded plastic has a memory because the process distributes the material evenly over the walls of the mould without any stressing. For this reason, a rotomoulded lid can be bent or crushed several times and still revert to its original shape.


On the contrary, injection moulded plastic is forced into the tool under pressure, causing built-in stresses and eventual stress fractures. Once bent, steel stays bent!


Waste contractors and end users are no longer prepared to accept potential liability arising from accidents to their employees or customers.


The uncomplicated mounting of DuraFlex lids without any pre-fabrication or corrosion protection saves container builders much time and money.


In short, a product which brings all-round customer satisfaction:


Features and application

  • Outstanding shape retention
  • Fully compounded colours
  • Perfectly UV-stabilised
  • Up to 4 times lighter than steel
  • High impact resistance
  • Suitable for complex articles